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Your gymnast was killing it in practice. She had her skills, consistently hit her routines, and seemed so ready for competition.

But then she goes to a meet and… just falls short of her expectations. Maybe by actually falling. Or just performing below what she knows she can do.

She feels the stress and the pressure.

Maybe she has big dreams - NCAA or even the Olympics.

Or even just qualifying for regionals or nationals and standing on the podium.

Which leads to her obsess over gymnastics.

And then she starts getting worse even in practice.

Potentially develops a mental block on skills she had.

You try to pump her up. Dad tries to give her advice. But she just gets frustrated with you.

Those uncomfortable or teary car rides home from meets, and difficult discussions that seem to go nowhere get old fast. As does sitting in the stands, looking out on the floor seeing your gymnast cry, and feeling powerless to help.

That's why we created this free guide. To help her (and help you!) begin to climb out of her competition fears, and doubts with simple tools that work.

Here's How We Can Help

We have simple, effective gymnastics specific mindset training tools that incorporate the best from cognitive behavioral theory, sports psychology, life coaching and gymnastics.

Our brains are wired for survival, and this wiring actively works against your gymnast when they are trying to compete.

But just like understanding they physics of gymnastics allows you to break down a skill into simple steps, understanding how the brain works has allowed us to break down the process of rewiring the brain.

We have created simple step-by-step mindset drills, skills and progressions ANY GYMNAST can use to calm their their brain's natural reactions when competing at a meet.

In this free guide, your gymnast will learn four simple tools to calm her nerves.

Then she can compete like she practices. Hit consistently. And score at her potential.

So she can stand on the podium today and make that college or national team she is dreaming of in the years to come.

What's Inside 

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We take complex behavioral science principles and turn them into simple, easy to understand lessons that will help you understand your gymnasts brain.

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We give you simple exercises and activities you can do with your gymnast to help her understand her own fears and begin to overcome them.

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And if you want more, we offer periodic training webinars - one for gymnasts, one for coaches and one for parents - where we go deeper and answer all your questions.

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Ali & Stacie

We come from the world of gymnastics.

Ali Havel was an NCGA All-American gymnast and assistant collegiate coach. She has a Master’s degree in Human Performance. She currently coaches level 8-10 gymnasts in a gym as well as coaches gymnasts of all levels as a mindset coach.

Stacie Fletcher is also a former gymnast and club coach. She has spent many years deeply involved in the elite gymnastics world from the media side.

We understand your world.

We are also certified life coaches from the most successful life coaching school in the world, The Life Coach School.

We have taken these proven and powerful mental health coaching tools and combined them with the best of sports psychology to create something entirely new.

We have brought them to the world of gymnastics because we believe that these tools could change the gymnastics experience for high level gymnasts from the inside out.

We can help our gymnasts win at the highest levels AND live happy, healthy lives.


We help gymnastics parents support their gymnasts and give them the tools they need to thrive in and out of the gym.

We help gymnastics coaches develop a team full of hardworking, self-motivated gymnasts who hit consistently so they can enjoy productive practices and confident competitions.

We understand your world, and want to empower you by using gymnastics mindset training based on proven behavioral science you can be confident in.

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