Gymnastics Moms!


Discover the 4-Step Mindset Method Your Gymnast Needs to Master New Skills and Hit Consistently in Competition.




What's Inside the Free Training 


In this training, we are going to help you understand your child's brain. How it works. Why it works that way. And why it is getting in their way.

Then you are going to get four powerful mindset principles they can use to manage their mind and handle their emotions in any situation. So they can master new skills, compete at the next level, and get the results they are working so hard for in the gym and out on the competition floor.

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We take the complex processes of the brain and explain them is simple, easy ways that will help you understand your gymnasts brain.

Learn why she is struggling, what she needs to overcome it and how she can take her gymnastics to the next level when she builds the mental strength she needs to thrive in the toughest sport in the world.

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Get our 4-step mindset method successful gymnasts use to master new skills, hit in competition and take their gymnastics to the next level. 

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Supporting your gymnast is tricky. We will help you know what to say, when to say it and how to help your gymnast to support her in her journey.

What Mom's Are Saying About the Training

Dawn Scheuermann

Level 6/7 Parent

Thank you for this class! I learned new ways to talk to my daughter about some fears she is experiencing. I am interested to see how these new talking points can potentially affect her overcoming the fears and mental blocks she experiences.

I am not a gymnast so it is hard to relate to what she's going through... made more complicated that she is turning 13 soon so I am very aware of the eyerolls you mentioned in the class :). I try to learn what I can and also just listen. This class gave me some good ideas how to communicate.

Erin Peters

Competitive Cheer Mom

I learned that Gymnastics Mindset knows what the heck they’re doing! No more paying & hoping for the best - these ladies put their money where their mouths are! Not only did they teach parents about the mind shift that has to happen to separate what our brains tell us from what’s actually true, they taught parents how to help our girls: What to say, how to approach it, the importance of subtle suggestions. I learned more in this quick intro session than I have in over 4 years of “experts” telling me to trust them, they knew the cure for mental blocks! 🙄

I literally didn’t want the session to end & seriously contemplated whether, if I signed up my daughter immediately, I could binge watch the courses all night.

Jaime Long

X-cel Gold Parent

Thank you for doing this. Knowing my daughter isn’t the only one and I’m not the only mom struggling helps me take a step back and feel better.

Ashley Walker

Level 6 Parent

I really enjoyed the tips on how to engage and talk to my gymnast to get her brain to recognize thought patterns. My daughter and I both found that it was a very helpful session. We appreciated all the information.

Juanita Labuschagne

Level 5 Parent

Stacie is a great presenter. It felt like I had a casual chat with her and there was no pretense. I learned that you can create new paths in your brain. I am excited to use this to change the way I approach my gymnast when she is negative. 

Shannon Dawe

Level 8-10 Coach

I loved how the webinar was delivered. Full of passion and excitement to help the gymnasts improve. I don't think there is ever too much work on training the brain. I believe that this will help me as a coach as well.